If you want to contact me, you can directly send me an email.

Looking for my CV ? (last updated July 2015)

You can follow me on the @AreaEffect Twitter or contact me on Linkedin.

Friends :

Robert Heng is a 2D/3D artist who worked on Izle.

Check out Damian's blog, a Gameplay Programmer currently working on cute flash games.

I'm not the only Starcraft fan, Olivier Morel des Vallons created a replay site (French), it's easy to use and even has an iPhone dedicated version.

Yannick Gerometta is a Gameplay Engineer working at Ubisoft, check his web site, and his C++ book :)

You can look at Tommyy Alvarez's web site, our lead artist on Motion Sports (Ski).

You can also contact Izmo (Sound Design & Music for Bright and The Ballet of Light and Shadows).

Another music artist : Annabelle Debain, who did the music used in Life Is One Hard Level.

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