Enter The Brain

Enter the Brain was created during Global Game Jam 2014. In the game you navigate inside the brain of an unknown patient, and uncover the misteries of his condition.

Youtube review by RockLeeSmile : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cqZyeA4TVU

Instructions :
- They are 5 'zones' ordered in difficulty : white, green, blue, violet and yellow.
- In each zone you must find your lost memories. These are located in a special room which is highlighted by particles (of the zone color) and increased lighting.
- In each room you have very limited time, so you must be quick!
- Sometimes you can jump from a room to another without using the portal, but be careful not falling off entirely :)
- The game is very hard in its current state, expect to lose a lot!
- You can bunnyhop (Quake style) by strafing and moving the mouse at the same time.
- Portals usually give you speed and jumping buffs, try to get as many as possible. Sometimes you need to backtrack to get all buffs.

Download for Windows - Download for Mac - Web (HD) Version

Credits :

Alexis Bacot - Programming
Robert Heng - 3D/2D Artist
Boris Philipart - 3D Artist
Dominique Voegele - Sound Design
Clément Peres - Music ( https://soundcloud.com/mindthings/fragments-extract )

Bonus! You can download the previous builds of the game to see how it evolved (I did a build every 2-3 hours of work)

Download v0 for Windows
Download v1 for Windows
Download v2 for Windows
Download v3 for Windows
Download v4 for Windows
Download v5 for Windows
Download v6 for Windows
Download v7 for Windows

Produced by Alexis Bacot. All Rights Reserved.
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