List of games and interactive projects that I've been working on:

I founded Area Effect in 2011 and all my recent profesionnal projects can be seen in details on Area Effect's website.

Currently: Looking for my next project :-)

2015: Trees! is a puzzle game in which you create a tree to reach the stars :) Created for Ludum Dare #34.
2012-2015 : Game Director on Izle, a 3D procedural action-adventure RPG, developped by Area Effect. Game is still pre-alpha, but already received 5 awards! View our latest screenshots and pre-alpha trailer!
2015 : A genetic painter algorithm (it's not a game!) to create procedural art
2014 : Ludum Dare #31 (48 hours solo competition) Created Back Home, an experimental atmospheric game inspired by Interstellar. For the first time I created voice overs, so much fun :)
2014 : Worked on an interactive art project called Spirits for the Intel Real App Challenge 2014.
2014 : Ludum Dare #30 (48 hours solo jam) : Created Sideline, a dual stick shooter with multiple space-time-color dimensions. Play it, and try to beat my 45000 score! For the first time I composed my own music and sound effects.
2014 : Ludum Dare #29 (72 hours group jam) : Happy Fishing. 2nd worldwide in the jam innovation category. It is just a technical experiment ;)
2014 : Global Game Jam 2014 : Enter the Brain! An experimental 3D runner done in 48 hours (Indie Impression Video).
2013 : Game Director on Bipolife for Ubisoft, developped by my company Area Effect.
2012 : The RPG abstract diagram experiment using Machinations.
2012 : Ludum Dare 10 year anniversary game : "The Last Rainbow". This game was created in 48 hours.
2011 : I made The Loop with 4 other guys during the Global Game Jam 2012 in Paris. The game was made in about 35 hours in collaboration with another gameplay programmer, a game designer, an artist, and a sound designer.

2011 : Pathingo: a puzzle game (not yet published, currently in Alpha) as the second game of Area Effect.

2011 : Startales is the first game of Area Effect, it's a free game playable on iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch®. Startales is about the love between two stars, it's a very accessible game, and its also a bit poetic.

2011 : I left Ubisoft in April 2011, and created Area Effect, an Independant Studio.

2010 : Had some fun creating snake in the Starcraft 2 engine.

2009-2010 : Motion Sports is a Kinect game by Ubisoft that will be released on November 4th 2011. This is the first retail game on which I worked from start to finish. I assume the role of Associate Producer for our team in Paris working on the Ski sport.

2009-2010 : Child of Eden is a game by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the sequel to Rez. I prototyped the Kinect gameplay with another Ubisoft Gameplay Programmer. It was totally awesome to see the Kinect version of the game shown at the opening of the 2010 E3 Ubisoft Press Conference!. Best reward ever? Yes.

2010 : Illumination is a one-week game created for the Experimental Gameplay Competition of March 2010. It's an action-puzzle in which every level plays in 10 seconds. You'll find detailed information about the game on the page, and it's also possible to play it from your browser.

2009 : Life Is One Hard Level is a game that was created in a week-time for the Experimental Gameplay Competition of December 2009. The theme was : 'Art Games'.

2009 : Bright is built upon The Ballet of Light and Shadows, it is using the same core mechanics and adds a story, a world to explore, upgrades, puzzles, and various challenges. It is currently in the alpha stage of development. You can watch a video here and some atmosphere screenshots. I don't think I will ever finish it.

2008 : The Ballet of Light and Shadows is a game that was made for the 2008 Dream Build Play competition. This is a personnal project to experiment with the C# language and the XNA platform. It is also my first game on a console, and my first full scale project, including the making of trailers, the direction of a sound engineer and the creation of all other assets and gameplay programming. I also made a very brief post-mortem of the game.

2006-2007 : All my previous projects are accessible though my old web site : Paradise Valley.

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