Another month, another game. In March 2010, the theme for the Experimental Gameplay Project was "10 seconds". It is a video-game prototype competition in which you have to make a game within 7 days. I decided to make an action-puzzle game and it's called "Illumination". You can play it from your browser.

In each stage, you have 10 seconds to illumniate some disks with specific colors and then you have to put them at the right position. Each color has some positive and negative effects, and you'll have to think and to act fast in order to finish each level. Each second you are given points, depending on how many disk are colored, and how many of them are correctly positioned.

The game was made in about 25 hours total and here is the Prototyping History of Illumination. On this page you will find a little history about the 7 steps prototypes that were done in about 25 hours total.

Produced by Alexis Bacot. All Rights Reserved.
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