Prototype History : Illumination

Just a little page to keep track of the prototyping history of Illumination.

Illumination v1 : First version, I think at that point I already put something like 4 hours in the game. At this stage there is no level design and no challenge really, but it's kind of a sandbox to test color attributes, metrics, mouse controls, etc.

Illumination v2 : At this stage the main game loop is implemented (you can win or lose). There is one level designed, and you can notice everything is very small. At that time the resolution was not yet the final one.

Illumination v3 : Starting to implement the system to have multiple levels (loading, menus, buttons, etc.). Also changed the resolution.

Illumination v4 : A lot of changes here in term of design. The metrics changed with increased size for the movable disks. Also some particle effects, a ranking system for each level (A to F), and 8 designed levels to start testing possibilities. And each level has a name :-)

Illumination v5 : Mainly a lot of bug fixes in term of gameplay and color interactions. More details to the player when he loses. And black graphics on the disks and on the finish zones.

Illumination v6 : Here we see the final menu, with game title, and level selection screen. Also introduction of the music, and realtime scoring system next to the disks. At that moment I think I spent around 20 hours total on the game : 12 hours of programming, probably 2-3 hours in Photoshop/Illustrator, and some time on design and asset search (artistic direction, music, etc.)

Illumination v7 : The last prototype version that was sent to the Experimental Gameplay Project for the March 2010 competition. Here I just worked 3 or 4 more hours on level design, I also added moving finish zones, and fixed a few bugs here and there. Total work on the game approximatly 25 hours I think.

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