Life Is One Hard Level

"Life Is One Hard Level" is a game that was created in a week-time for the Experimental Gameplay Competition of December 2009. The theme was : 'Art Games'.

This experimental game is about the course of a life and how the world can be distilled into a few major necessities: love, money, and religion. In the game you are free to do anything you want with these symbols and sometime you will find that you didn't make the right choice. When you lose, it's not the end of the game but only a new beginning. Each 'Game Over' could maybe teach you something about your mistakes. You can play the game from your browser:

- Life Is One Hard Level (HD - 1280x720)
- Life Is One Hard Level (SD - 800x540)

If you are curious about how the game was made, you can look at the History of the "Life Is One Hard Level" experiment.. There you will find playable versions dating from the beginning of the project.

Produced by Alexis Bacot. All Rights Reserved.
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