Worked a few hours to design a concept for the Intel Real App Challenge, and it's called Spirits.

Spirits captures an emotion, a unique moment that we want to share with our loved ones, our friends, our family. It is an artistic representation of our current mood, a deliberate short work of art, a flash of the soul. It is a tool to convey empathy in a natural way, a picture that is worth a thousand words. For now, it's also only an idea, prototyping phase will start in a few weeks.

Spirits simply works by recording the user in front of his camera for a few seconds. In real-time, the user will see an interactive painting taking shape, based on various variables such as his current emotion, his movements, finger and body gestures, and mixed parameters from the video, sound, and depth map. The real-time feedback loop allows the user to intuitively learn how Spirits works, and to master it. The result is simply a piece of art that will tell a story: the story of his moment.

We think of many applications that could make use of Spirits :

  • Use Spirits on social networks and chats to communicate your emotions.
  • Virtual gallery of art pieces made of Spirits to explore and contribute to.
  • Geolocalize Spirits and capture the mood of a nation, before and after important events such as elections, sport and cultural events.
  • Dating app that uses the Spirits to match people.
  • Spirits could be printed as a tangible picture to represent your mood over a certain period of time.

I worked on Spirits with the talented Romane Granger.

Produced by Alexis Bacot. All Rights Reserved.
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