A First Story

A few days ago I started working on a story for my next game. I started by sketching a few ideas, trying to grasp where I could start from. The temporary name of the game still is bad, but at least I have now a little more of the story:

A lot of people claim to believe in a soul, an immaterial object that is the key to our personality and immortality.

A scientist tries to reach his inner self by performing an experiment. This experiment brings him into a different sort of consciousness, in order to search for his own soul. It gives him a window to his own mind, enabling him to navigate though the intricate web of ideas and connections housed in his brain.

But his own beliefs based on determinism and scientific facts are against such a fool idea that is a soul and these so said immaterial objects. He has to fight against his prejudices, his scientific education, and his non spiritualist culture.

Overcoming his previous mental education, he grows up, becomes stronger and more inclined to believe in new things and to think about what he could before not even conceive. He clears his mind.

When his mind becomes unobstructed by these thoughts of logic, his mind starts to be wild, and he finds imagination, creativity and craziness where his analyzing and analytic mind were before.

Still navigating in his own mind searching for the true meaning of his soul, he now finds himself overthrown by these chaotic and boisterous ideas. His bare light of consciousness floating in his mind need not to fade, or he might never wake up from his very own experiment.

I also take the opportunity to add some references: Dark Night of the Soul and The Soul Project.

Produced by Alexis Bacot. All Rights Reserved.
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