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My latest little action-puzzle game Illumination is finally working on iPad. Had to buy a Macbook for it, but hey, it's well worth it. Targeting a Q4 2010 release for the final game!

Snake, Starcraft 2 Editor

Here is my first finished custom map using the Starcraft 2 Editor. Very simple, yet quite fun to play :) The core gameplay is a copy of the popular "snake" game. It was done using an hydralisk as the snake head, and zerglings for the tail. It is controlled using the arrow keys.

Here is a little video :

Motion Sports, E3 2010

This week was a little special for the video game industry as it was the long awaited 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo, the most important event of the year. Last monday night the totally awesome Ubisoft Press Conference was held, and that's where the game I've been working on was announced :)

Motion Sports is a Kinect game and that means it is played using your physical body and your voice. No keyboard, no controllers, no pads, or no wiimotes ... just you. If you never heard of Kinect, watch the Kinect World Premiere Video and you will understand everything.

The game is not yet finished, we just showed 2 sports out of the 6 we will have at release. Current release date is at the launch of Kinect on November 4th. So, at E3 this year people could play American Football or Ski. The Ski is the sport we have been working on in Paris, Yay! And people seem to enjoy it so far :)

What does the press thinks of this first demo ? There is already a first review by IGN of the game that was tested at E3 : " (...) If things can get cleaned up before it releases, Ubisoft could have a nice alternative to the more cartoony sports compilations on the way."

Another review by VGRevolution says "(...) Overall I was really surprised with the easy of use, and the responsiveness of Kinect and Ubisoft’s Motion Sports (...) The control was surprisingly sensitive, and I never felt like my virtual skier was doing something I wasn’t (...) a game that will fit great into a gaming night with friends".

An interesting video showing someone playing the game during E3 2010 :


Another month, another game. In March 2010, the theme for the Experimental Gameplay Project was "10 seconds". It is a video-game prototype competition in which you have to make a game within 7 days. I decided to make an action-puzzle game and it's called "Illumination". You can play it from your browser.

In each stage, you have 10 seconds to illumniate some disks with specific colors and then you have to put them at the right position. Each color has some positive and negative effects, and you'll have to think and to act fast in order to finish each level. Each second you are given points, depending on how many disk are colored, and how many of them are correctly positioned.

The game was made in about 25 hours total and here is the Prototyping History of Illumination. On this page you will find a little history about the 7 steps prototypes that were done in about 25 hours total.

Life Is One Hard Level Prototype History

This is about the history of "Life Is One Hard Level". You will find images and links of seven different version of the game.

Life Is One Hard Level

"Life Is One Hard Level" is a game that was created in a week-time for the Experimental Gameplay Competition of December 2009. The theme was : 'Art Games'.

This experimental game is about the course of a life and how the world can be distilled into a few major necessities: love, money, and religion. In the game you are free to do anything you want with these symbols and sometime you will find that you didn't make the right choice. When you lose, it's not the end of the game but only a new beginning. Each 'Game Over' could maybe teach you something about your mistakes. You can play the game from your browser:

- Life Is One Hard Level (HD - 1280x720)
- Life Is One Hard Level (SD - 800x540)

If you are curious about how the game was made, you can look at the History of the "Life Is One Hard Level" experiment.. There you will find playable versions dating from the beginning of the project.

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