Bright Pre-Alpha

First video of an early build of my upcoming game : Bright.


Some screenshots from Bright.

The atmosphere is warm with a touch of brightness :)

A First Story

A few days ago I started working on a story for my next game. I started by sketching a few ideas, trying to grasp where I could start from. The temporary name of the game still is bad, but at least I have now a little more of the story:

A lot of people claim to believe in a soul, an immaterial object that is the key to our personality and immortality.

A scientist tries to reach his inner self by performing an experiment. This experiment brings him into a different sort of consciousness, in order to search for his own soul. It gives him a window to his own mind, enabling him to navigate though the intricate web of ideas and connections housed in his brain.

Collaborative Story

I've been working for a while on improving my previous game, creating new gameplay elements, building a world, introducing more mechanics and infusing more depth to the game itself. I'm now working on the meaning of the playing experience, on what the player will feel when he will play the game and what he will learn. It's about time I introduce a story into it.

What I’m asking of you, noble reader, is today to be my guide. Why not use the internet and its web of connections, ideas and imagination, to build something new and fresh? If you feel creative today, read the following, and not only “like it” or “dislike it”, but think of what it means to you and try to create your own “bowl of ideas” from it.

The Ballet In The Press

What does the world think of The Ballet of Light and Shadows ? Well. Not Much :)

A germain website Inside 360 writes a very brief article, that can be google-translated into English to : "The owners of the PS3 have Fl0w and Flowers, the owner of an Xbox 360 got so far largely action-arcade prefixed games.

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