The Wish Monster, Ludum Dare #33

Another Ludum Dare, another game! This time it's a human experiment, and quite a monstrous one: The Wish Monster.

But the Wish Monster is not really a video game. It's more of a human experiment, and a platform for people to possibly help each other.

For now you can make 3 wishes on the site (at: ) ; I invite you to create an account and create your wishes (it's super quick), and to invite as many other people as possible to do it as well. You can then vote on other's people wishes (reddit style)

And then... there is a legend... that speaks of a Wish Monster. Maybe it will be you ?

If you become the Wish Monster, would you grant people their wishes ? Or would you swallow their wish into your monstruous belly ?

It is said that the Wish Monster will awake soon... and until then, all we can do is make our wishes.

----------------- Note on the Ludum Dare -----------------

I think it's our duty as game designers and innovators to think of video games that go beyond mere entertainment, but that can affect people's life. It's the whole point of The Wish Monster. I really hope I can finalize my vision for the project, and that some amazing wishes can come true.

I started saturday evening and couldn't really design the site as much as I would have liked. I initially wanted to have more of a visual experience, with a realtime galaxy showing the various wishes from people, and to see the monster as well, sleeping somewhere, or wandering around in this galaxy. It would have shown random wishes as stars using various brightness depending on the number of community votes for a particular wish.

I used Meteor and Mongo DB to create the site, and I must say it was a lot harder than I initially thought. It had been a while since I made a website, and I must say it's still as bad as 20 years ago.

In Paris we had the chance to have some people organize an event for this LD33 and it was super fun. Lots of great people and inspiration. Thanks guys <3

I hope we get a lot of wishes so that when the Wish Monster awakes he will have a lot of things to eat :)

Produced by Alexis Bacot. All Rights Reserved.
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