10 Interesting Games on PC Gaming Show 2020

10 Interesting Games on PC Gaming Show 2020

Pandemic or not, June has always been an exciting month for gamers. After yesterday we were spoiled by the announcement of the PlayStation 5 and the dozens of games that will accompany it, this time it is the turn of PC gamers to greet a series of announcements at the 2020 PC Gaming Show.

In total there are more than 50 games announced, although some are just updates, DLCs, or re-released for the PC platform. In this article, I intend to select 10 of the most interesting games that have been announced, and as much as possible I can make sure they are all brand new games.

It should also be noted that this list is very subjective in nature, as my tastes are clearly different from those of you. But at least 10 of these games deserve extra attention from you even though the genres may not be suitable.


Torchlight 3

As a big fan of Torchlight and Torchlight 2 (plus the Diablo series and the action RPG genre as a whole), I am definitely looking forward to the announcement of this game. Echtra Games developers don’t want to disappoint their fans either; Torchlight 3 was immediately released on Steam, although so far its status is still Early Access.

Unfortunately most of the user reviews on Steam tend to be negative. Most consider Torchlight 3 as a free-to-play game, unlike what Echtra Games promised earlier when they announced the replacement for the title of this third Torchlight game. Hopefully this will be fixed before its final release.


Airborne Kingdom

After watching the trailer, this game immediately reminded me of the Mortal Engines movie. The film was not a commercial success, but I personally liked the lore and the concept: the cities of the future have been transformed into vehicles, and old technology has become invaluable.

Airborne Kingdom is the same, it’s just that the city is equipped with propellers rather than wheels, aka floating. This game combines elements of city building and exploration games, and throughout the game, we will find various artifacts from previous generations, either alone or in collaboration with other cities.

The developer also promises a world setting that changes every playthrough, indicating its potential to be played multiple times. Airborne Kingdom doesn’t have a definite release schedule other than “in the spring”, but the game is already available for pre-order on the Epic Games Store.



There have been tons of indie titles announced at the PC Gaming Show this year, but Carto seems like my favorite one. The first impression of watching the trailer above is that this game feels like an interactive children’s story book, and I am also very interested in the puzzle mechanics it offers: we can change the position of the world map, and after that, the conditions around the play will also be change too.

How this puzzle mechanism will affect the narrative aspect has become an intrigue for Carto. The game will be released on Steam this year too, unfortunately there is no exact date yet.


Among Trees

If you’ve played Firewatch, the trailer above will automatically remind you of it. It’s hard to ignore Firewatch’s great influence on this game, especially in terms of graphics, but instead of simply allowing players to explore, Among Trees also inserts a number of survival elements as well as a fairly complete sandbox.

If the storyline is also interesting, Among Trees has the opportunity to become the spiritual successor of Firewatch. The Early Access version can now be purchased via the Epic Games Store.


Cris Tales

The visual style of this game has immediately attracted attention, not to mention the addition of a series of JRPG elements that it carries. No less interesting is the protagonist, Crisbell, who is described as a Time Mage, and time manipulation is apparently an important part of this game.

Learn from the past, take action in the present, then change the future destiny, according to the description provided by the developer. But what is even more interesting is that this time manipulation mechanism can also be applied to the turn-based combat session. Cris Tales is ready to be released on Steam on November 17, 2020.



An open-world RPG with a pair of lovers (and co-op multiplayer support of course), this game may not be suitable for you who are single, although fortunately the developer still designed Haven to be played alone. The visual style is quite unique, and the music also helps to immerse us in his world even more.

Also charming about this game is the story. It is said that the couple is fleeing to a planet, and their goal is to change the planet so that it can become their permanent residence. Once again as I said, maybe not suitable for players who are busy looking for love.

It’s not yet known when Haven will be released, but the Steam page says “2020”.



Created by the creators of DayZ, Icarus applies a similar open-world survival formula, but with the theme of space exploration. Also different is how Icarus can be enjoyed gradually, not only in a sustainable manner like other typical survival games.

The missions in Icarus vary widely, some can be completed in just 30 minutes, some require multiple playing sessions with a total duration of 48 hours. Like GTA Online, Icarus seems to be much more fun to play with friends than alone.

Another interesting thing is how contrasting things look in this game. On the one hand, the characters chop wood with axes that seem like they come from the stone age and hunt with arrows. On the other hand, he was wearing a full astronaut costume, and the car he was driving was too sophisticated for the primitive equipment he was carrying.

When interviewed by PC Gamer, the developer Icarus also admitted to taking a lot of inspiration from games outside the survival category, such as Skyrim for its archery mechanism, Snowrunner for its driving mechanism, Kerbal Space Program for its rocket modification mechanism, or Deep Rock Galactic for its mining mechanism.

There is no certainty when Icarus will be released, but the developer is targeting next year.



In almost all RPG games, we must meet NPCs selling potions. Have you ever imagined what if you had to run the potion merchant? That’s what Potionomics is about to present.

The game tells the story of Sylvia, a witch (witch) who is in debt and has to open a potion stall. Potionomics is a combination of the simulation and RPG genres; simulation because you have to mix the potions yourself and apply a number of upgrades to your shop, RPG because dialogue with shop customers is presented like turn-based combat (using a card system).

Potionomics reportedly will launch in the near future, although there is no certainty when and on what platform it will be offered.


Metal: Hellsinger

If it weren’t for Doom, we probably wouldn’t associate metal music with a shooter game against the devil. If you like Doom and you really like metal music, this game called Metal: Hellsinger is sure to catch your eye.

Just think of this game like Doom, but apart from getting rid of the demons in hell, you also match your every shot to the beat of the music playing. Honestly, after watching the trailer, I automatically remembered the Gun Drummer YouTube channel, which actually raised a similar concept.

“Rhythm FPS”, that’s how the developer classifies Metal: Hellsinger. You can play it like a normal first-person shooter, but if you can adjust to the rhythm of the music, your attacks will only get more intense. And that’s the main purpose of this game; let you immerse yourself in the music while eliminating all creatures that stand in your way.

Metal: Hellsinger is scheduled to be released on Steam next year.


The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos

A tactical RPG with a fantasy theme, the main strength of Dungeon of Naheulbeuk in my opinion lies in its characters. The developers describe the characters as a bunch of losers, but when they are together, at least their adventures can be fruitful.

The trailer shows a very thick nuance of humor, but at the same time the combat system which seems complex also captures my attention. The developer did not forget to mention the large variety of enemies in this game (more than 100), and it will require players to always think strategically in every battle session.

The various destructible objects remind me of XCOM: Chimera Squad, and that should give extra dynamism to the gameplay. Dungeon of Naheulbeuk originally started as a French-language audiobook popular among fans of tabletop RPGs.

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