Chrono Odyssey Announced

Chrono Odyssey Announced

Long before PC and console games had captivating visuals, many developers competed to provide the best in terms of gameplay and story. However, since game engine technology has developed rapidly, not a few of them have started to provide the best visual appearance to attract new fans.

This happened when Crysis became the most popular benchmark among PC gamers. Since then, many developers, both offline and online, have begun to show off the appeal of the game through visual displays. Call it Mabinogi / Vindictus, Blade & Soul, to its peak Black Desert with very detailed character customization.

Now this phenomenon is felt by mobile games. With the free-to-play business model and the rapid development of engines like the Unreal Engine, developers both small and large are starting to show off their visuals to attract new fans.

Making the game available for PC and mobile players on one server with visuals like AAA games is certainly a satisfaction for every mobile player. That their little device is able to work like a normal PC or home console.

Some of the mobile games that have been announced to have charming visuals include Odin: Valhalla Rising, to Seven Knights II. Now, Chrono Odyssey follows suit with a visual that is no less captivating.

Created by Gran Saga developers, NPixel and Gameplex announced their next game titled Chrono Odyssey with a very charming visual appearance thanks to the power of the Unreal Engine. Unfortunately they haven’t explained what the game is like other than the MMORPG action genre.

In the trailer description, NPixel explains that Chrono Odyssey will tell members of a special organization called Idraiginn who fight against 12 gods. Players will also be able to enjoy a wide world with an immersive story with a captivating visual appearance.

Detail 17 They also explained that there is a unique job system, a map with the theme of space and time, random dungeons, Realm vs Realm on a large scale, to action mechanics and strategies that will be implemented.

Chrono Odyssey is scheduled to be released on PC, Android, and iOS for an undetermined time. It’s not clear if the console will get the rations, but at the end of the trailer they mention that the game will be next-gen multiplatform.

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