Microsoft Pushes Zenimax Bring Better Games

Microsoft Pushes Zenimax Bring Better Games

USD 7.5 billion is an amount of money that in our eyes, is almost impossible to imagine. But for Microsoft, this value is something worth spending on Zenimax and all the studios that stand under their banner – Bethesda, Arkane, Tango Gameworks, id Software, to Machine Games. With all the popular franchises handled and owned by these developers, this is certainly a lucrative investment. Now there is curiosity about how Microsoft will make the most of this shopping process, outside of the Xbox Game Pass strategy, to gain an upper hand in the competition. For Xbox Chief Executive Officer – Tim Stuart, it won’t end up being exclusivity.

In an interview with the Seeking Alpha website, Stuart confirmed that for now Xbox has no intention of pulling all Bethesda games off Sony or Nintendo platforms. Microsoft currently wants more Bethesda games in the future, be released first, look unique, or come in a better version on Xbox. Put simply, Xbox wants Bethesda’s content to look its best on their platform with the ultimate goal of making the Xbox Game Pass’s value all the more tempting. Unfortunately, Stuart himself did not go into further details about what an example of this strategy might look like.

Bethesda herself is currently busy working on Starfield which is not yet open to the public, with Elder Scrolls VI as the project afterwards. How about you? Are you among those who welcome Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda?

Meanwhile, reading and seeing sales figures that have been achieved by console or video game units recorded in various regions is always interesting information in the gaming industry. With it we can see who is the current “popular trend”, how well these products are selling in the market, and whether they have managed to outperform other competitors’ products. For developers or publishers or even console manufacturers, this is sometimes an opportunity to boast or simply, to generate a sense of optimism for investors. Now with the latest generation of consoles already available in several regions, Microsoft is sticking with their old strategy. There will be no talk of the number of Xbox Series X / S units sold in the market.

This was revealed by Xbox boss – Phil Spencer in an interview with The Guardian. Spencer said that Microsoft will no longer share data about the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S units sold in the market, even when they outperform the Playstation 5 though. They will focus more on talking about the number of monthly active players involved in the Xbox ecosystem. Spencer even mentioned that he didn’t want his team to be pushed and motivated by how many “plastic-based units” they managed to sell on the market.

On another occasion, Phil Spencer also mentioned that the release of Xbox Series X is the most successful Xbox console release so far and they are excited for what they managed to achieve. What do you think? Is not going to disclose this sales data a rational strategy in your eyes?

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