Monster Hunter Rise Will Comes to PC on 2022

Monster Hunter Rise Will Comes to PC on 2022

Those of you who had followed the news about the Capcom server hack a few months ago, seem to have heard about the potential release of the new Monster Hunter series, which currently will only be available for Nintendo Switch – Monster Hunter Rise on PC. Information that comes from the excel sheet states that Rise will only be “temporarily exclusive” for the time being which, unfortunately, has not been further informed. Capcom itself chose to shut up rather than deny or confirm the news. But now, Monster Hunter Rise is finally officially heading to PC!

This confirmation came from one of the famous Monster Hunter personas on Youtube – Arekkz Gaming. Arekzz had the opportunity to directly interview the brain of Monster Hunter – Ryozo Tsujimoto, who agreed that Monster Hunter Rise would indeed be released for PC! The development process is currently still ongoing and Ryozo also admitted that he knew the super positive reaction of gamers who had talked about it in cyberspace. The PC version of Monster Hunter Rise is planned to launch in early 2022. There is no information yet whether it will come with new and different features or not.

Monster Hunter is one of the largest and most successful Capcom franchises to date, a fact which is increasingly confirmed by the fantastic cross-platform sales figures for Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. In the midst of this success, Fortunately Capcom did not forget the Nintendo gamers who had a strong association with this franchise so far. Even though they don’t get the World series, they will be treated to the latest series – Monster Hunter Rise which will launch in the next few months. A series that not only contains new regions, but also a super interesting “crazy” feature that they just announced to the public.

Keeping their previous promise, Capcom has finally released a new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise which contains a lot of new things in it. Not only introducing a new area called Frost Islands which will also contain new monsters, Monster Hunter Rise also introduces a feature called “Wyvern Riding”. Gamers now have the opportunity to ride and control weakened monsters, access their physical attacks, and even issue special bar-based attacks for greater damage. Of course, you will only be able to control them for a limited time.

Monster Hunter Rise itself will be released for Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. There is no certainty whether this game will go to PC only, or if it has the potential to be released for other consoles such as MH: World. How about you? Immediately playing the Switch version or are you waiting for the PC version early next year?

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