Epic Games Launcher Drains Laptop Battery Faster

Epic Games Launcher Drains Laptop Battery Faster

Since its inception, Epic Games Store (EGS) has consistently distributed free games to its consumers, and this habit has continued until now. However, in order to win over consumers’ hearts, it takes more than just giving away free games, especially if the software itself (Epic Games Launcher) still needs a lot of improvements.

Recently, PC World concluded that the EGS launcher had a significant negative impact on laptop battery life. The conclusion was obtained after they tested the battery life of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ tablet and found inconsistent results. After tracing, the cause turned out to be the EGS application running in the background.

To be sure, the PC World team also did some extra testing in a number of different scenarios, all in airplane mode (not connected to the internet) to get more accurate results. Sure enough, in the scenario of the EGS launcher running in the background, the device’s battery life drops by 20%, or roughly two hours of battery power are wasted.

Even when the application is running in the background but the user is not signed in using their account, the EGS launcher still “robs” the laptop’s battery significantly. Only when the application is closed completely, the device’s battery life can be in harmony with when the device is still in a clean install position.

Then what about its biggest competitor, Steam? Well, Steam – and basically any application running in the background – of course also has a negative impact on device battery life, but the effect is very small when compared to EGS, as we can see in the graphic above.

One thing that should be noted is, the negative impact of the EGS on battery life is most pronounced in devices using the 11th generation Intel processor (Tiger Lake). When tested on the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 which packs an AMD Ryzen processor, there was a decrease in battery life of only about 8% – although this is still quite large for a game launcher.

Hopefully Epic Games can fix this problem in the future. For now, you can anticipate this by ensuring that the EGS launcher does not run automatically when the laptop is turned on. Make sure the “Run When My Computer Starts” option in the settings menu is unchecked, and don’t forget to exit the application when you’re done playing.

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