EA Will Make Mass Effect Legendary Edition Better Than Before

EA Will Make Mass Effect Legendary Edition Better Than Before

Previously, EA announced the Mass Effect trilogy remastered Mass Effect Legendary Edition on N7 Day (7 November 2020), this time they announced directly a number of details of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition gameplay that you will find in the remastered version.

There are many things that have been changed in the remastered version in terms of gameplay. The first change was in terms of combat (combat tuning). Because previously the Mass Effect series was released with a fairly long period of time between each game, the three games have different battle mechanisms. That’s why EA will change the combat mechanism without eliminating its unique challenges.

In the first Mass Effect, the accuracy has been changed for all weapons so that players can have a more consistent firepower while paying attention to the overheat meter. ADS (Aiming Down Sight) has also been adjusted closer to the camera so that it is more accurate and more similar to the second and third games. Aim assist in the game has also been improved to make it more precise.

Ability has also been rebalanced in the first game. One example is Immunity, which is now a significant buff but has a short duration – which used to be a passive effect. Shepard can also run fast outside of combat. Melee attacks will also be assigned to specific buttons, no longer depending on the distance between the player and the enemy.

Gameplay improvements were also added in other aspects, both in the first game and all. Your comrades can now be given commands in the first game, just as you could in the second and third games. The cover system has also been improved in all the games. The XP earned by players has also been adjusted to make it more consistent. Mako, the iconic vehicle in the first game, which is unique but often difficult to control will also be repaired. Now, you can control the Mako more smoothly.

Trilogy unification and modernization were also carried out so that the three games were felt to be more consistent. The Character Creation feature will be the same across all games and they will also add more options. That way, Shepard’s face can be more consistent from game to game, although you also still have the option to change the face at the start of each game. Weapon and armor DLC will also be integrated in all games.

The significance of the choice to the ending of the story has also been changed in this remastered version. The more content you complete, the better your chances of getting the best ending.

If you are a true Mass Effect trilogy fan, like me, you can read the complete Mass Effect Legendary Edition gameplay changes on EA’s official blog – because there are too many to list them all here.

Honestly, even though I often feel a dilemma with the trend of remastering, remakes, and friends, this time I can’t wait for the arrival of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition because the trilogy is one of my favorite game series to date. Hopefully the remastered results won’t disappoint.

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