Full of Blood, These 5 Games Will Push Your Adrenaline

Full of Blood, These 5 Games Will Push Your Adrenaline

The universe of the game world is celebrating the arrival of the big screen adaptation of Mortal Kombat. This game series was considered quite controversial at that time because it contained many sadistic scenes, aka gore. Splashes of blood and scenes of carnage are the main features in these games.

Well, besides Mortal Kombat there are many, you know, this game that combines many scenes makes you nauseous. Those of you who have a fear of blood are not recommended to play it. Are you curious about any gore games besides Mortal Kombat? Come on, see our choices below.


Doom shooter game is known as one of the pioneers of the game series which is famous for being very gore at its time. Before the first Mortal Kombat game, Doom had created a controversy with gore graphics in which the monsters and enemy figures we defeated were slaughtered very sadistically.

This game maintains its sadistic side for all subsequent sequels. Therefore, Doom is considered as one of the classic game series which is very influential and controversial.

Resident Evil

Second, of course the Resident Evil horror game series that deserves to be included in the list of gore game series. You can see human characters who turn into zombies in this game. The splashes of blood and scattered organs became “decoration” in various stages and the sequels therein.

The Resident Evil game series is increasingly determined to maintain its sadistic side for the latest sequels. Finally, there are lots of scenes that make the stomach feel sick in the Resident Evil 7 sequel and this time they will return to spread horror in their Resident Evil: Village.

Dead by Daylight

The horror game Dead by Daylight has an interesting multiplayer feature where players can carry out a Co-Op against creepy creatures. They are terrifying ghost figures and some are serial killer characters from very famous horror films.

In it, there are many sadistic scenes such as stabbing and survivor characters who are made to suffer greatly before being captured by sadistic killers. You can see the shedding of blood and many terrifying scenes when the Serial Killers execute their victims.


The Manhunt game series brings many psychopathic characters as its appeal. This game made by Rockstar Games is certainly a series of adult games that young children can’t just play. The reason is, there are many mutilation scenes to gory action in this game.

Manhunt is one of the hottest games ever made by Rockstar Games. You have a wide selection of weapons ranging from machetes to chainsaws. The story is also very unique where you have to escape the death penalty by making a series of snuff films and recording your actions to slaughter criminal gangs in prison.


Well, finally there is the legendary Phantasmagoria game. This classic game mixes up very disturbing visuals where the player sees a bizarre ritual served up by taking real-life shots. Lots of sadistic scenes were recorded and because of this, this game was controversial.

In Phantasmagoria you only need to press the button for choice. Even so, the choices you make often make the story appear more tense. You will also be very amazed by the various scenes that are very sadistic in it.


So, those were a handful of games that included sadistic scenes in their games. Which one is the scariest in your opinion? Don’t hesitate to share your impressions in the bottom column, OK!

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