The Adventure of Johan “n0tail” Sundstein, CEO of OG

The Adventure of Johan “n0tail” Sundstein, CEO of OG

To be the best, it definitely requires a long time and tiring process. Likewise experienced by young players from Denmark, namely Johan “n0tail” Sundstein. Thousands of failures and mistakes forged him into an ambitious leader.

Now, from this long process, N0tail is enjoying a successful period under the team he formed, namely OG. With a myriad of achievements and experiences, N0tail is one of the most successful players and CEOs in the world.

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Heroes of Newerth Becomes a Stepping Stone

One n0tail turned out to be a former professional player of Heroes of Newerth under the banner of Fnatic. Together with this team, N0tail (at that time still called Bigdaddy) won many titles and became the top in its class. However, he found something new at DotA.

The style of play he coveted was discovered. Combat strategically suited him well as a planner. The reason is, N0tail is a guy who is full of ambition and a mature planner. So, according to him, this game made by Valve will be the one to be cultivated to get success.

After seven years in DotA, n0tail has finally been able to prove itself to be a player in the best team ever in Dota 2. Currently, OG and n0tail are making new history by winning The International twice which even won in a row.

A Planner with a Mature Scheme

Not a name if you don’t have big ambitions. From the video of True Sight The International 2018 we can see how n0tail was so motivated to get the title he coveted. Behind that, as a captain, he is full of very precise plans.

A little flashback. N0tail also admits that staying at Fnatic will not fulfill his ambition to become a champion. Therefore, he then moved to Cloud9. However, this move did not go according to plan. N0tail actually got worse after experiencing many defeats in the Minor or Major events in 2015.

Therefore, he did not want to be tied to a team other than his own team. Not long after, the Secret team was formed, made by n0tail and KuroKy. The initial idea was to form a team that was purely managed by players without any organizational frills.

However, interference from other parties eventually made him resign and form another team, namely Monkey Business which is now known as OG. The steps that were made were right. Together with OG, n0tail managed to get its first Major trophy, namely the Frankfurt Major in 2016.

Forged Selfish Feeling So Mental Strong

Since his early days in DotA, n0tail wanted to give everything he had for this game. Because, he wants to be the best of the best. However, he had felt that this ambition was followed by a high ego. But in the end he was able to turn that selfish feeling into a strength to continue to grow.

The determination he had from the beginning turned out to be able to bring him success that was never achieved by others. After forming OG, N0tail has become the most successful player and CEO in the Dota 2 scene. With the myriad of achievements he has achieved, now no one will underestimate him.

In fact, currently n0tail is developing a new division to colonize other games, namely CS: GO. After becoming the best in Dota 2, now N0tail has other plans in this game made by Valve. Assisted by Sebastian “Ceb” Debs, they both became CEOs of the new team that was formed at the end of 2019.

As a player, currently n0tail is at the peak of his career. Again, that selfish feeling took him to a different level and now he is focused on becoming the president of the esports team.

Talent Seekers with a Observant Eye

Apart from Fnatic and Cloud9, n0tail dedicates himself as a player and team owner. He also continued to do this when he was in Secret’s uniform. His decision with KuroKy actually took him to an even higher level. N0tail has turned into a successful talent scout.

When forming Secret, n0tail and KuroKy immediately appointed Puppey, s4, and Fly as the main roster. Even though when he joined, he had not been able to maximize his ability, now Secret is one of the giant teams in the competitive Dota 2 scene.

Then when he was in OG uniform, he was also the one looking for personnel. Until finally Miracle, a pubstar, was recruited into the team. From his clear eye to see the potential for champions, N0tail won his first Major event at the Frankfurt Major along with the early generations of OG, namely n0tail, Crit, Moon, Miracle, and his friend, namely Fly.

The success continues, even after the death of the four roosters. He was again forced to find a player who perfectly suited OG’s vision and mission. Then, assemble the five most dangerous players we know of today. They are N0tail, Ceb, Topson, Ana, and JerAx.

The Most Successful Young Boss in Esports

This player who is known to have a humorous nature has a high leadership spirit. In order to achieve his vision and mission, he will do everything he can to be the best and the sustainability of the team he is managing.

We know that the name OG is already big even though it only has one division. However, he thought that if he only survived one game, OG would likely die. Because we cannot deny that many great teams have passed their successful period and are now experiencing adversity.

Therefore, he formed a CS: GO team so that if one day the main team no longer shines, the legacy of OG’s name can still fly in other areas. Even though it’s still newly formed, OG has a great chance to shine in 2020 and can be as successful as the Dota 2 team.

Not many players have also joined as CEO, for example Dendi, who is currently forming his own team. However, N0tail has gone through this period and is focused on building on what is already there. Speaking of success, of course N0tail is in the highest position.

As reported by Esports Earning, OG currently has a wealth of 33 million US dollars from just 72 tournaments. Even though Liquid is still in the position of the richest team, it took thousands of tournaments from various games for the Trojan Horse logo team to earn an income of 34 million US dollars. So, technically, OG is the richest team to date and all thanks to N0tail’s leadership results.


Johan Sundstein or familiarly known as N0tail is in his prime. From a high leadership spirit and an owner of strong ambitions, N0tail has made N0tail the most successful player and CEO of the team today. However, all the things he has achieved have not been passed easily. It took a long process and experienced many failures.

However, N0tail continued to move forward and develop until finally he had an independent organization called OG. Under his leadership, OG is now known as the strongest team in Dota 2 today. Moreover, he also formed a new division which is predicted to dominate the CS: GO competitive scene.

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