You Can Try These Tips to Make Money From Steam

You Can Try These Tips to Make Money From Steam

The price of game titles can’t be said to be cheap. Not to mention, the prices for game consoles and PC devices are still exorbitant. You may wonder how to get extra money to be able to buy games, especially on platforms like Steam.

Well, we have tips for you to buy games easily from the following activities. The reason is, on Steam there is a financial system that supports players to get the coffers of income.

Community Market, Steam User Trading Platform

In Steam, there is a Community Market feature where players can buy and sell virtual items from certain game titles. If you have trading talent, you can search for virtual items and sell them on this platform. If you’re lucky, you can get rare items like CS: GO or Dota 2 skins.

On every transaction, Steam provides a tax of 5% of the price listed by the seller. Every item purchased gets a cool down for 7 days. This is according to Steam to maintain market balance so that no one buys up or raises the price quickly.

Invest in Items that are Rising in Price

Generally, items will experience an increase or decrease in price according to economic concepts. If demand is high, usually prices will continue to rise. For that, you can invest your Steam Wallet in items that you think will increase in price in the future to make a profit.

For example, Dota 2 skins of Immortal type or higher will increase in price within a certain time. Usually, when a new item from the Hero is released, the price will gradually rise because many people are looking for it. You can also see if the price increase graph rotates in the middle of the year when Dota 2 releases a new Battle Pass every year.

Play Games and Collect Cards

One of the items sold on Steam is Trading Cards. This digital card can generally be obtained by players when playing games. Generally, players collect cards to show off or create to level up their Steam account. Generally, players can get 5 cards from one game title if played for more than three hours.

For that, it is very worth it to sell these cards because you can save little by little Wallet that you can use for snacks.

Exchange Cards from Friends

If you don’t have time to look for cards, you can trade with friends or other people on Steam. Generally, many are not aware of the price of the cards in their inventory. You can just ask for free cards belonging to your friends for free.

Like looking for change, asking for Trading Cards from friends can be a desperate step. If you’re a true opportunist, you can find lots of friends from various game titles and ask for trading cards if they don’t need them.

Buy Cheap Cards to Make Boosters

The last step, you can sell more expensive cards by spending money to buy lots of cheap cards. There is a system where you can destroy cards to become Gems which can later be made into Booster Packs. Well, usually the cards from the Booster Pack are more expensive when sold on the Market.

You have to be smart to find which cards can be purchased to be exchanged for Gems. This means you have to figure out which card is the most valuable if it is destroyed out of every money you spend.

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