Valve Still Search Place To Held The International 10

Valve Still Search Place To Held The International 10

The latest update on the sustainability of The International 10 in Sweden seems to have found the final result. Valve as the organizer is reluctant to keep Avicii Arena as the location for The International 10 event. This was confirmed by local Swedish media, Sports Expressen E-sports. They have approached the Swedish esports association.

They managed to interview Sammi Kaidi as the chairman of the Swedish esports association. Initially the association was not involved in The International 10 event in Sweden, because Valve took the route through Visit Sweden. It turned out that after learning about the rejection from the Swedish sports federation, they rushed to contact Valve but they were already “hurt”.

“We have contacted the Ministry of Culture and the RF (Swedish Sports Federation). At the same time we also approached Valve to provide a solution. However, Valve will not continue its efforts to hold The International 10 in Sweden,” said Sammi Kaidi in an interview with Sports Expressen E-sports.

Valve’s rejection of the solution from the Swedish esports association was conveyed via email, to be precise last night local time (24/6). They are now focusing on opening up opportunities for other European countries to host The International 10.

“Thank you very much for the efforts made by the Swedish esports association, but we at Valve feel that the opportunity to improve and still bring The International to Stockholm in August is over,” Valve wrote in an email to the Swedish esports association.

That is, with confirmation from Valve stating that they are truly optimistic that they will not hold The International 10 in Stockholm, Sweden. The next problem is another Valve event at the Avicii Arena, namely the CS Major PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

The esports association believes Valve that this event can certainly be penetrated and will not experience obstacles. They will prepare the same solution to deal with licensing issues to the Swedish sports federation.

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