Steam Deck Announced

Steam Deck Announced

Valve has just taken the game industry by storm and gamers around the world, by announcing the Steam Deck. Steam Deck is the latest console platform developed by Valve. This console only focuses on operating the Steam application and using SteamOS 3.0.

In terms of appearance, the Steam Deck has a fairly similar shape to the Nintendo Switch. This makes fans and gamers compare and comment about the two consoles on social media. This Steam Deck will launch in 3 versions starting at $399 in December 2021.

Here are the 3 versions that will be available:

64GB ($399)

> 64GB eMMC internal Storage

> Carrying Case

256GB ($529)

> 256GB NVMe SSD internal storage

> Faster storage

> Carrying case

> Exclusive Steam Community profile bundle

512GB ($649)

> 512GB NVMe SSD internal storage

> Fastest storage

> Premium anti-glare etched glass

> Exclusive carrying case


Portability Meets Power

Steam Deck teamed up with AMD to build a custom APU, and is optimized for handheld gaming, the Zen 2 + RDNA 2 powerhouse, which provides more than enough power to run the latest AAA games.

Your Steam Library, Anywhere

When you later log into your Steam Deck, all Steam Libraries will appear, just like a PC. You can view your collections and favorites just as you would on your PC

Control with Comfort

The Steam Deck is made with an extended play session, where you can use a trackpad or thumbstick with full-size control in the right position. for the back is made comfortably where the size fits the size of your hand.

There’s a Dock, Too

There will also be an official game dock for your Steam Deck that can connect to external displays, wired networking, USB, and can also be charged. If you have, you can also use USB Type C for charging

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